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Field Improvements

No Till Seeding

Using a no-till seeder preserves the soil moisture and minimizes any erosion. We have a new no till seeder which is coupled with a GPS driven tractor which works great. The charge for seeding is typically $25 an acre plus $100 to move the equipment. This does not cover the charge of the seed itself, just the equipment.


We always recommend having a soil sample taken and analyzed to determine if any fertilizer is needed in advance of seeding. The fertilizer, if needed, could be applied in March or early April, and then the field would need to be sprayed with Round-Up immediately before seeding. We will work with you as to what your desires are for the type of pasture you are looking for and help you identify a seeding mix/rate to accomplish this. You would buy the seed and we would plant. We would typically want to complete this in April or May.  

  • Tree and Stump Removal
  • Site Cleanup
  • Spring Development
  • Harrowing

  • Weed Spraying
  • Rock Picking
  • No-Till Seeding
  • Brush Cleanup
  • Brush Hogging

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